[About Pa`akai Noa salts]About Pa`akai Noa salts
Molokai is an island lost in time, where life moves at a decidedly different pace. The waters of Molokai is the source of the finest grade, 100 percent natural, sea salt. To create the salt, seawater is first filtered, and then purified with ultra-violet light after which it is pure enough to satisfy national bottled water standards. Through the process of evaporation and convection, only the salt crystals remain.  Copying our own internal chemistry, Pa`akai Noa salts contain sodium chloride and a mix of essential minerals and trace elements vital to our health.

The creator of this innovative salt is Nancy Gove. Her unique salt was first noticed by some of the finest chefs on the east coast who liked its subtle sweetness and pleasantly appetizing flavor.  After articles of her salt appeared in the New York Times and other publications, she became nationally known as Molokai’s salt master.

Blessing of PA’ AKAI NOA  By a ‘Kahu’, a descendent of a good family lineage

A Kahu is commonly referred to as “a person of spiritual” qualities, a healer and a shepherd. Aunty Nettie is the 6th generation of a family that served as Kahu to King Kamehameha the Great. She is a living icon within the spiritual and cultural activities in Hawaii. She recently bestowed her blessings at Disney’s Resort & Spa, AULANI, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2011 and will serve as the curator for its cultural programs.


Auntie Nettie is currently the curator of Lanikuhonua. Kamokila Campbell, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, originally owned it. She named her slice of land, Lanikuhonua, which means the place “Where Heaven meets the Earth”. It is an idyllic location with lush vegetation and private beach coves. It was known to be a tranquil retreat for chiefs of old Hawaii. Kamokila Campbell used her home to preserve and perpetuate the cultural lifestyle of Hawaii. Today, Auntie Nettie carries on her legacy.


It is here, at Lanikuhonua that Auntie Nettie bestows her blessings on PA`AKAI NOA. It is our hope that it brings good health and happiness to everyone that uses it.